Your 5 Step Guide To Living An Irresistible Stress-Less Lifestyle!

In a face pace world we live in, we are constantly on the go. From all day meetings at work; school schedules (both you and the kids); running errands; taking care of home; answering emails; returning calls & scheduling clients/appointments, etc.

You’ve gotten to the point where you are taking care of everyone else except You! You do it so much, it becomes routine. It’s like clockwork from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. It seems like you are the “Go To” person for everything. Now you’ve gotten to a point where is it seriously taken a toll on your mind, body & especially your spirit.

I once was a victim of this endless routine due to dramatic changes that occurred in my life. My home was vandalized 3 times; at the time my car was a money drainer, my relatives were passing away rapidly in my eye site & I’d felt like I was going to a funeral every month. But to top everything off, I’d lost my corporate job after 10 years of faithfully contributing to this company & sacrificing my daughters. Eventually it took a major toll on my mind, body & spirit. So much that I began to fall into a deep depression, had anxiety attacks, shortness of breath (panic attacks), migraines, weight gain & loss, a stinky attitude, bad eating habits, I cried a lot, just to name a few. I attack those who were the closest to me because they were my most convenient outlet. I felt things were going completely out of control. I didn’t have a handle on things.

I want to share with you as a starter kit how some of the strategies I used to conqueror Stress. Remember, take baby steps. This is a building block; you put one foot in front of the other and Keep It Moving!

Here’s “Your 5 Step Guide To Living An Irresistible Stress-Less Lifestyle”:

1. Make a Decision

Every decision you have ever made in your life has placed you where you are Right Now. Whether it’s participating in an unhealthy conversation; making bad food choice because you were emotionally eating; sleeplessness. When you are indecisive, the end results can be costly. Making a decision opens the door for you to gain your power back in key areas of your life; you gain prosperity, power, you gain authority. You have 2 choices; you can decide to be free from Di-eases, pain, migraines, sleeplessness, emotional eating, unwanted stress related weight gain or loss. OR the world will make a decision for you—out of convenience.

2. Make a Vow To Yourself:

Invest in yourself so the world can invest back into you. Your commitment is saying what you say you’re going to do, long after you’ve said you were going to do.

3. Make Living A Stress-Lifestyle A Priority:

There are sooo many other people, places and things we always make a priority while we put ourselves on the back burner. Living a stress-less lifestyle is just that…A Lifestyle. It’s not an observation moment, like a special holiday or occasion. Start making lifestyle adjustments and say to yourself: “I will no longer out myself on the back burner”.

4. Focus On The End Results:

By focusing on the end result, not only will this motivate you to get their sooner, but others around you will reap the advantages as well. Picture how you want your life to look like and work from the end goal to where you are right now. Ask yourself, what do I need to do to get to this point in life? It’s a Win, Win for everybody.

5. Take Inventory!

Take a quick moment and just reflect on who & what things are a part of your life that serve a purpose. Everything you do or have should serve a purpose. It’ll either add value to your existence or take away pieces of you little by little.

This 5 Step Guide to Living an Irresistible Stress-Less Lifestyle are the beginning of building blocks I started taking and slowly made lifestyle adjustments. Take one step at a time! One day at a time!

I made a decision to take charge of my overall well-being because I Luv Me Some Me! Stay Stress-Less!

To receive the full download audio version of “Your 10 Step Guide To Living A Stress-Less Lifestyle Now” email me at and just ask for it.

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