When faced with foreclosure What options do you have

When faced with Foreclosure What Options do you have

About the Free Distress Fund and How It WorksThe Free Distress Fund was designed to specifically help homeowners in distressed situations. In today's environment people are trying to modify their mortgages at an astounding rate. In today's economic downturn, people have lost their jobs and many do not meet the requirements to have their previous loans modified. Do not let lack of income or bad credit hinder your ability to stay in your home!We have a team of business professionals from lawyers to CPAs to guide you through the process of staying in your home and not having to uproot your family.Our fund helps homeowners negotiate with banks to keep you and your family in your home!Here Is How The Program Works.You first file your application with the Free Distress Fund. After filing your application, our team of professionals will review it. We will then ask for your permission to start negotiating a buyout on your home with your bank. Once we negotiate buying the property, the Free Distress Fund will purchase your home and rent it back to you at a reduced rate lowering your monthly payment significantly. We will execute an option that in 5 or 10 years you can buy back your home at the original price you paid for it. 


Benefits of the Free Distress Fund 

  • Delay or stop your foreclosure today.
  • Reduce your monthly payment by up to 50%.
  • Rent your home with an option to buy it back.
  • Avoid the painstaking process of refinancing.
  • Help keep your family together without changing your location.
  • We will work with applicants with bad credit or no income.
  • Avoid losing your home.
  • Our legal team will negotiate for you.
  • Provide a brighter future for your family.


For more information visit: Free Distress Fund 

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