The Black Essence of a Woman/Sister series

Greetings to all of my dear Sisters and Brothers,

We have just completes the series called, " The Essence of a Woman " it is a 4part series now available on dvd.

You can the series or individual subjects.

The Essence of a Woman ( Talks about Her truth Idenity)

Women Leader/Preachers ( Stop hating on them)

The Eve Syndrome (Talks about her creativity and wisdom)

From Ho's to Holiness (Looks indepth at this raw reality)

The Essence of a Woman Series is available for $35 or each one alone for $10

Order your copy today by calling


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Comment by jason xiao on July 17, 2012 at 9:08am

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Every night when he goes to bed, he kisses me goodnight. Every night when I finally get to sleep, he wakes up, very sleepily kisses me, & says he can now finally really sleep because I’m in the bed with him.

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