Opposites Attract

Look at all the works of the Most High; they come in pairs, one the opposite of the other, Sirach 33:15...Good
is the opposite of evil and life the opposite of death. The cursed and
the blessed...sinner and the godly can attest. That after they work hard
they both require rest. Yes, all things come in pairs. One opposite of
the other; sister, brother...father, mother...and so many others. He has
made nothing incomplete...fast then you must eat. Bundle up in the cold
then strip down in the heat.

Each supplements the other...an attraction like no other. Kept in
balance by a universal Governor. Who puts all these things in place,
that work together, only by the grace...of God. The One who paired us up
from the start. Sun and moon...land and sea...Adam and
Eve...those who do and those who don't believe that opposite
attract...because the Father designed it like that. So our spirits after
death, would be drawn back...to the Eternal Fat Cat.

Fatally and Animatedly Attracted,
Mommy Dearest

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