New Book On "The Real Truth Behind The Death Of Michael Jackson" - Rev. Sharpton Says Is a MUST Read !!

The Real Truth Behind The Death of Michael Jackson - Brace Yourself!!


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The fraud, corruption, and manipulation surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. !!

Fraud, corruption and manipulation surrounds the death of Michael Jackson. He was loved by the world, but used by some who wanted one thing and one thing only... to profit from his death. And now, one year after the death of The King of Pop, a close friend and legendary concert promoter, Leonard Rowe, tells it all in a bombshell new book.

This book is an eye opening, pager turner that reveals the truth about all of the corruption, conspiracy and greed behind Michael's death--- and it will make the public aware of what really goes on behind the curtain...

Brace Yourself...


Editors Note -- Today, The Rev. Al Sharpton encouraged his national radio broadcast and national supporters to read the new book by concert promoter Leonard Rowe, on "What Really Happened To Michael Jackson?" ( as this book exposes so much of what went on behind the scenes, in that the people who never showed up once during Michael Jackson's legal challenges while he was alive, ended up showing up as the executors of Michael Jackson's estate as soon as he died !

Today, on Rev. Al Sharpton's nationally radio show, it brought me for one in tears to hear how Michael Jackson called Rowe and asked for his help because he was in no shape to do no more than ten (10) concerts, and had no idea how he woke up one day heard the announcement that he was well enough to commit to 50 concerts! Unfortunately, Michael's family cannot make certain statements because they are obligated to the Michael Jackson estate, but from what I heard on the radio interview today, Leonard Rowe does more than explain all the blanks that many of felt was wrong with the Michael Jackson story as it has been told by the current executors of Michael Jackson's estate.

Again, Rev. Sharpton said to go to the website and begin the process of hearing the truth behind the death of Michael Jackson.

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