Bad luck picks its company by invitation only. -African American folklore

For anyone who has ever said, "My luck is so bad."
To those who have ever asked, "Why do these things always happen to me?" For anyone who has dared to say, "I give up!"
Get a pencil, a piece of paper and write this down: What you ask for, you get. What you see, you are.
What you give, you get back, someday, somehow, sooner or later.
There is no such thing as bad luck.
The ancient Africans said "With your own hands you make your success.
With your own hands you destroy it."
We say things return to us.
We do things we know are not good for us.
We do things that create situations we don't want.
The only way to create success or luck is to think, speak and act in ways that support ourselves.

I make my own luck. ~Iyanla

Things don't just happen, they happen just.-Dr. Johnnie Coleman

A new life will come forth from the womb of darkness.-Na'im Akbar

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Comment by nene mate on October 18, 2012 at 5:10pm

You are gifted i must say, thank God for your life.

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