I Love Dirty Four Letter Words: Yeah, You Got It, SALES!!!!!

Alright, not quite four letters, but close enough for my purposes.
Okay, contrary to popular belief you’re involved in SALES or
SELLING, which is the second oldest profession in the world,
but it’s also, the highest paying profession on the planet TODAY.
Afterall, we are in a democracy where Free Market Capitalism rules,
but you already know that; otherwise, you wouldn’t be involved
in our industry called Network Marketing.

As a reminder, Network Marketing is the art and science of
empowering, communicating and connecting with others based
upon their needs. In essence, our industry or SALES are based
upon the principle of relationship building designed to move product
in exchange for compensation. Seems simple enough to understand,
but as you know sales or selling is perceived about as popular as
Bernard “King of The Ponzi Schemes” Madhoff.

So, why does SALES have such a negative image? Well,
let’s briefly examine its history which has a somewhat dubious
reputation involving snake oil, cures for illness and
guarantees of miracles from God. Oh yes, all previous claims never
materialized and the SALESMAN making those claims skipped
town with everyone’s money. Needless to say, Bernard Madoff
reminded us that times have changed, but the same old SCAM
still works. In addition, you have daily offers to join the next
Get Rich Quick Scheme involving some guru, who promises
that there is no selling involved and you will make a fortune
in the next 90-days.

Well, SALES definitely has an image problem, but the
profession is an honorable one, because it is part our
society and YOUR individual life. If, you’re married
or in a relationship then, you sold yourself as the best
mate for your current partner (ok, it’s corny, but you
get the point).

Now, here’s what SALES is really about, “uncovering the
value of what you have to offer so well, that people are
happy to exchange the money in their pockets for the
value you revealed”.

Now, being an Unabashed Self-Promoter or SALESMAN,
allow me to offer you an opportunity to gain incredible
value for your investment of $10 as a RESELLER. Are
you receptive to generating UNLIMITED payouts of $24,
$97, $297, $497 & $997? If yes, then, our compensation plan
is perfect for YOU. TAKE ACTION, NOW!!!!


Oh yes, one more thing I have to inform you about that
is of the utmost importance to your pocket book,
when you join me today, you will be able to attend our
weekly trainings that are conducted 3x’s/weekly on
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Oh yes, Jim Carpenter
The top income earner within the company will conduct
the trainings.

Vaurn James
215-728-4905 or 1-800-417-0196

Marketing Expert Imran Qureshi has done it again with “How To Get Visitors”
Take action now!!!!


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