Holy Hip Hop - Good Or Bad For The Church?

This is a subject that I've been pondering on for some time now. Is "Holy Hip Hop" too worldly? As a Apostolic-Pentecostal Christian I hear a lot of different opinions about music in general. Theses are just my personal thoughts about the subject. Feel free to leave comments if you like. I've heard people say rap has no place in the church. I can understand that because church is a place where you should usher in the presence of God. Rap and 808 beats cannot do that. But I do see Holy Hip Hop as a great tool of ministry. A lot of young people like rap or hip hop music. Christians are always talking about taking back what the devil stole. Isn't true that the devil stole music? Think about. What was Lucifer while he was in heaven? Never thought about that have you? I feel that hip hop music is not bad. It's the spirit behind the music, the movies, television, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and all other media you can think of! Let's take it all back. For my debut gospel album I plan on mixing all kinds of music, in Jesus Name! If we're sincerely doing it for Jesus, how can it be bad? I like Da Truth and all of the brothers rapping for Jesus! There bringing young people to God everyday. God willing, I will do the same. What do think abo'ut the subject?





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