My husband, Maurice aka THE BOSS, and I were watching Law and Order, while on his birthday getaway, this past weekend. And he made the comment on how the people portraying doctors on the show had to know so much about the medical field to be believable. And before I knew it, I said, "No they don't. They are actors. They just have to remember their parts." And he turned his head slowly towards me and gave me this "UREKA" look. LOL!! But it was true a lot of actors are portraying roles that they are not necessarily required to know anything about.
How true is that of some of us who go to church religiously? We get dressed. We participate in praise and worship. We say "AMEN" on queue. We give in the offering. And some of us even manage to make it to the altar with a tear or two in our eyes, because we are so moved by the message.
But when the benediction is given, it's like...."Annnnddd Cut!!" The scene is done. And the actors return to their "real" lives. There's no lasting effect of the message. No conviction. We still live our lives with no fear of God and no respect for the Holy Spirit. And how does that look to the world that we are trying to save. They call it "hypocrites."
So today I want to encourage us all (me included) to not just learn the parts, but study the parts and "become" the parts, we read about (if we read at all :) ). Let's not be GREAT PRETENDERS or BEST ACTORS OR BEST ACTRESSES in an Spirit Filled role, because the award is not a good one.
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Love you family,

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