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Producer of fun "children's songs, Mrs. Janis

Dear Friend, I am reaching out to ask for your...
Janis Dionne McDavid 6:47am Oct…

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For Sale - Chicago Salon

Salon For…

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Don't Get Slapped by the Twitter Community

If you avoid these 3 Twitter No-No's chances are you won't get yourself slapped by the Twitter community.

1- No spamming. Spamming consists of sending out the same message over and over again (especially if you are sending out your message to the same people over and over again.) One common practice in Twitter is to send out an automatic Direct Message (DM) to all of your new followers. I suggest that you avoid this practice at all cost. The reason is fairly simple. Many of your…


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Your Invited to a Webinar for Vodaplex Tonight

Do you want to make more money? No seriously, Do you really want to make a lot of money?

If so, then jump on our webinar tonight and find why this is the business to get you a coma pay check.

(See Webinar Link below)

This is not a "Get Rich Quick promise". I'm not going to give you any Hype Talk. 

It's a real business opportunity and it's getting people just like you…


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A Real Opportunity


Vodaplex is a real opportunity allowing you to achieve a really good income. The plan is in place. This is not hype.

The only way to get it wrong is to not do it. And when you see it.. not doing it is not going to be an option...Trust me


Check it out Here: The opportunity 

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Entrepreneurship: Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

Here's a great article from Forbes Mag:  Enjoy


Provided by



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It"s a Great Time To Be In The Travel Business !


With the economy in the state it's in, you might be thinking that people just aren't traveling. If you've been to the airport recently, you know that's just not the case. 

A recent report shows that summer travel spending is projected to hit $86 billion this summer alone! That's an increase of nine percent from the same time last year. Furthermore, the Internet is still where travelers go for both researching and booking their trips.



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21 Ways To Clog Your Blog with More Traffic Right Now

"How To Do It!" 21 Ways To Clog Your Blog with More Traffic Right Now

by Stephen Pierce on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 …


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Kid Safe Seminar

Please join us this coming Saturday July 23rd for a seminar on keeping kids safe presented by Rev and Mrs Leon Jenkins



Keeping Kids Safe: An Internet & Mobile Safety WorkshopSaturday, July 23, 201110:00 am Greater Salem Baptist Church215 West 71st Street Chicago, IL 60621   Rev. Leon Jenkins, Pastor…


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Get Paid To Shop and Travel

If you would like to get paid to do the things that your already doing like shop and travel then visit me at zzagent.biz You can sign up for your Free e-commerce and Travel web site where you can shop at many of your favorite stores, find a good restaurant to use discounted coupons or book that family vacation. You can do…


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Step-Away-From-The-Screen and Get a Life


This past Friday my brother Mick asked if he could borrow my laptop for a while. He needed to meet with a client in the early afternoon and his computer was being repaired so he would need to be able to access the web remotely.  At first I thought to myself, “man, can I make it through the rest of the day without my computer?” Then I thought to myself that I have been spending too much time with my head buried in the computer,…


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When faced with foreclosure What options do you have

When faced with Foreclosure What Options do you have

About the Free Distress Fund and How It WorksThe Free Distress Fund was designed to specifically help…


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Mobile Phones Become An Advertisers Dream. Why You Should Get In On The Action Too.

Recently, Yahoo! Announced a new publishing platform that would enable users to enjoy personalized content on their mobile phones and tablets like such as the ipad. The platform which is called Livestand is a personalized digital newsstand for tablets and mobile phones that continually offers new content to consumers, based on their interests.


The new platform from Yahoo! allows publishers and advertisers to…


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Are you kidding me…you really don’t own a smart phone?

Within the next few years, more than 50% of searches will take place on a mobile device. In less than three years more people will access content from their cell phones than from a desktop or laptop computer. Consumers between the ages of 28-45 now buy six out of 10 homes on the market. These Generation X and Generation Y buyers expect access to information anytime, anywhere; and mobile and mobile phone technology provides the perfect on demand access for their fast paced lifestyle.…


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How's your marketing going? Are you still calling family and friends?

It took me a while to figure this internet thing out. I bought different courses on how to start an business online. These courses talked about how easy it was to start an internet business. "All you have to do is get a website and domain name, find a product or service to sell and promote it on the web". Presto, money will flow into your bank account. This couldn't be further from the truth. I mean the money was actually flowing "out" of my account given all the useless…


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Are You Using A System Grow Your Business?


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Connect with the "Why" and not just the "What"

Here's a tip for marketers. When presenting an
opportunity to others it has to be more than just about the money; just talking

about making a bunch of money does not serve to inspire or captivate others’ attention.

Remember, there are thousands of "Hot of the Press" deals - MLM,

affiliate, online,…

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Don't Even Think About It


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Blogging Tips

Top marketers have…

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