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About Kamal Imani & Current Projects!

The King Is Real Rocks with a tight hip hop beat, funky bassline and energizing electric guitar! Add the strong and fiery vocals and you have a serious inspirational message and testimony about the King of Kings!


The King Isreal

It's a lonely walk but he saved my life!
I surrender
glad I give it back to Christ!

So get of the plane, mundane
above the lower self above the devil
The Christ will take you up another level.

The King Is real

Thought I knew it all
thought I had it all
deaf dumb and blind
couldn't hear his call

Thought I was a baller
thought I was a boss
independent thought-Swagga-Walk
thought I had the blueprint
strong and dominant
till one day- my money and power went
sittin in the dark
all I had was question marks???
The light of God was my only spark
in my heart
it turned into a flame.
A voice said to me just praise my name
seek me
and I'll bring about change.

Now with the Most High, I'm doing my thing
Flying High with the King of Kings!

It's a lonely walk but he saved my life!
I surrender
glad I give it back to Christ!

So get of the plane, mundane
above the lower self above the devil
The Christ will take you up another level.

The King Is real

Concentration, Contemplation, divine reflection, meditation
leads me to a higher elevation
bearing my cross, protected by the shield
no weapon formed against my forcefield
biblical overstanding- now revealed
there's no mystery
The King Is real

It's a lonely walk but he saved my life!
I surrender
glad I give it back to Christ!

So get of the plane, mundane
above the lower self above the devil
The Christ will take you up another level.

Download on Bandcamp! http://kamalimani.bandcamp.com/track/the-king-isreal
Coming to cdbaby 9-1-12, Itunes & Amazonmp3 9-5-12
c2012 Kamal Emanuel TOats
Video performance credits the Panache Band, Niva The Diva, Kimberly Lynn, New Black Music.Net

Bless the Mic Innertainment/RevolutionaryArt!

vote for my video

The Supreme Workout Dance Party has an abundance of dance songs that you can get your workout on with!You can Zumba, walk, jog, do Taebo, Pilates, Hip Hop abs or just have a party with these hot songs that rock the dancefloor! They have that electronic reggaeton, zumba and tribal house music feel! Enjoy as you reach for your goals! Produced by KSupreme11 Minute Dance Workout Mix This online Supreme Workout and Dance Party Mastermix includes the following hot dance tracks from the cd:The Supreme Workout SongRide With MeHot and SteadyShake itTribal ElevationTribal EnduranceDon't You StopKeep MovingGrown and SexyBack to the houseSupreme ElevationHigherLet it FlowNow available on Bandcamphttp://kamalimani.bandcamp.com/track/lets-go-higher-supreme-workout-dance-partyComing to Cdbaby.com 8-8-11Itunes 8-19-11http://youtu.be/fBFIxaPFIIM

Up in the Attic the Movie The Attic was that dudes room which was the popular hang out spot. Everyone wanted to check out and be down with the Gods. There were many good times and many lessons learned…..Up in the Attic! Young heads and old school heads will love it! So be on the look out for the hip hop film of the year!
Peace, The Up in the Attic movie is coming soon! Be sure to check it out, support it and cop it! Up in the Attic is about hip hop, Up in the Attic is about us! It’s about friends, high school, popularity, relationships and as they said in the old school “Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun!

For more information and updates go to http://www.upintheattic.ning.com http://www.myspace.com/upintheatticmovie
http://www.myspace.com/kamalsupreme http://www.upintheatticmovie.com
http://www.upintheatticmovie.com Twitter Kamal Imani.
Directed by Kamal Imani, Cinematography by Christopher Brown, Trailer edited by Chris Brown and Jonathan of Newblackmusic.net for inquiries call Mr. Kevin Barksdale at (201) 923-9213. What Happens in the Attic Stays In the Attic!

Southern Comfort by Vulenzo and Kamal Supreme AKA Da Ville on http://www.ourstage.com/play/track/YHCRVFHUEIQR Soundclick http://www.soundclick.com/kamalsupreme


Check out the new song “Southern Comfort”
Southern Comfort is a smooth mid tempo R&B Soul song about a beautiful girl that Kamal met in a club down south, featuring sensual cool spoken word and hip hop lyrics by Kamal Supreme. Vulenzo is singing and riffing the hook and in the background with his velvet voice which may remind you of the likes of Christopher Williams and James Ingram. They are talking about having a crush on a beautiful southern girl they met in one of the southern cities down south.
The Story behind the song:
Kamal took a trip from NJ down to the Hopkinsville Kentucky/Nashville Tennessee area and while on vacation, he and his friend Vulenzo went into the studio to finally record a song together. Influenced by the very friendly and beautiful ladies that Kamal met there, the song "Southern Comfort" was a result of their influence.

Soothing raspy voice singing vocals by Vulenzo and smooth hip hop and spoken word flow by Kamal Imani about the ladies that they call southern comfort. The beat has a tight groove that will get you ready to romantically two step with your partner.

Written by Kamal Supreme and Vulenzo Blount. Produced by Kamal Supreme, Engineered by JD in Clarksville KY c2009 ASCAP

Up in the Attic the Movie
Brief Summary....

Up In the Attic" is about a group of teenage young men, some of whom were B-Boys and had knowledge of self in Hip Hop’s Old School Era. They resided in the suburbs of NYC and hung out in the Attic of one of the guys whose mother worked several jobs and had an idea that her son wasn’t perfect, but at least she knew where he was at. The teens were the most popular brothers in the area. Everyone wanted to get with them and many started doing too much drugs and crime. The lead character started realizing that they were about to graduate from High School and it was time to start getting serious. Then he found out who his real friends were. Some of the young men turned out successful and others weren’t so lucky. “Up in the Attic” also provides sub themes of domestic abuse and messages for teens regarding general respect. It also has its comedic moments. The film is scheduled for completion by summer 2009.....
For more information and updates go to http://www.myspace.com/upintheatticmovie
Model Xenia interviews Kamal Imani and Crew for Up In The Attic Movie!

Check out this interview with Beautiful model Xenia as she discusses the new 1980’s throwback movie “Up in the Attic” with Director Kamal Imani, Cinematographer Chris Brown, Actor and film student Davon and Actor Rawtalentillwill. The movie is scheduled for release this summer.

For more information go to http://www.myspace.com/upintheatticmovie
http://www.upintheattic.ning.com and http://www.upintheatticmovie.com Join the movement!

and remember, what happens in the attic, stays in the attic!


Kamal Supreme aka Kamal Imani describes the state of emotional post Obama Euphoria that many Black people are in as well as religious emotionalism while constitutional rights are being taken from them right under their noses as well as the continued rise of the prison industrial complex which is locking Black people up. The main concern in this spoken word poetic song is regarding being cautious for Nazi Germany and big brother actions by the U.S government.


Ms. Melanin “A Dedication to the Sisters”

Ms. Melanin is every woman of the African diaspora. Spoken word performance poet fuses neo soul and poetry to bless, elevate and inspire the sisters with beautiful music, visuals, inspiration and even sometimes humorous flirtation “You taste like beef ribs, you taste like beef ribs with hot sauce”. “You’re the top muse on the catwalk that I come out for my standing ovation to” “Black Like Alek Wek Exotic Like Grace Jones, Ethereal Like African Slave bones, Like Maat On her throne, When You were little they use to laugh at your skin tone, but I begged their pardons”. Sistren, We love your dark skin! Ms Melanin!

Available at:

Spoken word performance poet fuses neo soul and poetry to bless, elevate and inspire the Divas/Ladies with beautiful music, visuals, inspiration and even sometimes humorous flirtation “You taste like beef ribs, you taste like beef ribs with hot sauce”.

Got Inspiration? Check out the inspirational hip hop & R&b song “I Will Make It” by Niva feat Kamal Imani
“I Will Make It” inspires you to keep the faith and believe in yourself! What more can we say! Keep your spiritual energy up and rock to this. And, remember to look to the person on your left and on your right and tell them “I Will Make It”! Can I get an AMEN?
Produced by Brother Jonathan of http://www.Newblackmusic.net Soul Griots Music Group RAI http://www.myspace.com/kamalsupreme

See the New Spoken Word & Hip Hop Soul Music Video
Will this sweet young lady bump into the right man on the street or will she continue to hear the same jive talk as she delicately walks the streets of Brooklyn NY? Spoken word and hip hop Soul fusion by Kamal Imani.

Revolutionary Diva

Kamal Imani

(Poet, Actor, Spoken Soul Lyricist, Radio Host)

The NYC/NJ Based Kamal Imani is an internationally known spoken word performance poet and conscious hip hop lyricist.

He is an event planner, open mic host and promoter as well as a master of ceremonies for special events.
Kamal has performed at major venues such as The Basketball Hall of Fame (Springfield Massachusetts) Organixx Soul, Princeton University, Hampton University, Farleigh Dickinson University, Medgar Evers College, The Nuyorican Poetry Café, The Poetry Realm with Baub Bidon & E Da Story Teller (CT), The Bowery Poetry Club and the New Jersey Nets Halftime Show as “New Jerseys Most Talented” to name a few. Kamal”s poems “The N Word & Partners to the end are part of The Bruce George & Luis Rivera’s “Bandana Republic” Anthology. Kamal is also featured on the http://www.mtaafm.com African compilation which features his poetic dancehall track “RevolutionaryDiva”.

Kamal’s songs “Ms. Melanin”, “Blast Off”, “Revolutionary Diva” have charted in the top 10 of American Idol Underground.com for over a year. As well as many popular spoken word radio shows. He is also the host along with co-host Rawtalentillwill of “The Revolutionaryart Radio show” on Vocalizedink.org. His fiery signature pieces include the controversial “Lynch the N Word” and “You A Armchair Revolutionary”. One of his comedic crowd favorites is “Yo, I Copped a New Whip”. Kamal has opened for or shared the stage with the likes of Julie Dexter, Ragan Whiteside, DMoss, Flowmentalz, Queen Godis, Helena D Lewis, Love, Doug E. Fresh, King Sun, King Just, Big Bubs and Buju Banton to name a few.

His current CD “The Mic is Calling Me” is a top seller at his events as well as online. His current CD is entitled “Jump the Broom” and consists of hip hop and spoken word wedding songs that can be enjoyed and danced to at weddings an ideal for wedding gifts and party favors. Kamal has also begun creating his new CD which is presently “The Lost Scrolls” and scheduled for release this Summer. Kamal was recently the featured performer at Club Sugar Ray’s at the NJPAC in Newark NJ sponsored by Sameerah’s Imagination Entertainment.

See the new videos “Sister You So Serious”,“All She Really Want’s Is Love” & “Ms. Melanin” a dedication to the sisters on myspace!

For more music, videos and booking information regarding Kamal go to the following websites:
Purchase the wedding song downloads at http://cdbaby.com/cd/kamalimani2 or www.soundclick.com/kamalsupreme

http://www.soulgriots.com coming soon!

Call 201-964-6275
Email cipherkam@gmail.com
Kamal Imani Promotional Gadget by Sidetraxx Digital Distribution & Graphics Get Yours!
Hot New Song Coming Soon “I Will Make It” featuring Niva the Diva”.
http://www.soulgriots.com http://www.newblackmusic.net

Banner 2Banner 1go!

Lynch The N Word!
You A Armchair Revolutionary! Performed Live at the Bowery Poetry Club!

RevolutionaryArt Innertainment/Soulgriots Music Group
RevolutionaryARt Innertainment Logo
Lovin Her Nappy Nappy

It was Kamal Imani's first time performing his spoken word/Neo Soul song "Lovin Her Nappy Nappy" live at the Bowery. He wanted to rock it right for promoter and CEO of Brown Eyez Magazines "PJ". The audience was with him and they all had a good time lovin the nappy nappy. This song is a tribute and dedication to natural hair styles and the sisters who rock them. It is also laced with humor and flirtation. Enjoy!

I Dreadicated to You!

Never Forget Africa by Kamal Imani

DJ Prince Thierry France Radio Version “Sister Serious” by Kamal Imani

Vote for the Video “Irresponsible” on Ourstage!

Irresponsible!, by KamalSupreme on OurStage

KAMAL IMANI (Director, Poet, CEO's Blog

Praise & Worship Gospel Concert!

Posted on December 1, 2014 at 6:50pm 0 Comments

Enjoy and experience emerging Gospel, Holy Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Gospel House and more at the Bless the Stage Concert Series in Linden NJ. Rapidly growing artist such as Prizna, Kesha, Ayesha Wright and many more were in the place to be along with an anointing spirit! Hosted by Kim Phelps and Kamal Imani

To be a part of the next event…


What's Your Purpose In Life

Posted on July 31, 2014 at 4:43pm 1 Comment

Do you know your purpose in life? When we know our life's purpose, we gain a renewed focus that can not be defeated. Minister Kamal gets real with us about the importance of self examination for overall success in life and in keeping in tune with God.

facebook kamal.imani

New Gospel and Soulful House Song " Things Will Get Better"

Posted on July 1, 2014 at 1:15pm 0 Comments

Things Will Get Better is a soulful/gospel house track with singing reminiscent of Teddy Pendergrass and Colonel Abrams, sung by Vulenzo with inspirational spoken word and production by Kamal Emanuel aka kamal Imani.

Available in online stores!…


Enjoy "I'm Going All Out" by Ayesha Wright and Kamal Imani

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 1:05pm 0 Comments

Lyrics for The Motivational Dance Song

Do da do da do da do, dit ta did a do do do.

I'm Going All Out!

I got potential

Now I proceed

To go all out and get what I need

I'll go through the fire, but I'll succeed

I'm making a change yo -no doubt

move out my way cause I'm going all out!

All out- no…


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