Growing long, beautiful and healthy hair is not an extremely difficult process.
It does not require a multitude of salon hair products, handfuls of expensive
vitamins, nor any sort of sacrifice to the long hair gods. What it does take to
grow your hair long and keep it in good condition is dedication,
and a lot of patience. Indeed, growing long hair is actually more a question of
what you shouldn't do rather than what you should!If you make the
commitment to closely follow the twenty steps below, not only will you grow long
hair but your hair will be in beautiful condition throughout the process.

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Avoid using any heated appliances whenever possible. No blow drying, no curling
irons, no hot rollers, and especially no flat irons or hair crimpers! If you
absolutely must blow dry do so minimally, and contrary to popular belief, it is
best to let your hair dry naturally for as long as possible and use the blow
dryer just to finish it off at the end. If you must use hot rollers, use flocked
or ceramic , not spiked plastic rollers If you insist on using curling irons, flat irons or hair
crimpers on a daily basis, really long healthy hair isn't in your future. If you
do use any kind of heat on your hair, be sure to use a product that will help protect it from heat, but keep in mind that every time you apply heat you
are likely to cause some damage. Manetane Beauty will hair our oil growth spray for multi purpose use on the shelves by the end of Dec.


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